Scientific scope

Primary themes


1. Mathematics, applied mathematics:

  • Fundamental problems of algebra, mathematical logic, probability theory, differential equations, industrial mathematics, and applied problems and numerical methods based on them;
  • Applied problems and methods of optimization and operations research.

2. Mathematical and computer modeling:

  • Modern approaches to modeling processes in nature and society, including data models in information systems;
  • Analysis of mathematical models and algorithms.

3. Information and communication technologies and computing systems:

  • Methods of information representation and transfer;
  • Applied information systems and software.




  • Plenary speeches by leading scientists;
  • Sectional presentations by young conference participants;
  • Special seminars for poster presentations of young conference participants;
  • Seminar dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Leonid Vitalievich Kantorovich, an academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Seminar of core IT-enterprises of the region: "Digital transformation: technologies of the present and the future";
  • Competition among young conference participants (students, postgraduate students, young researchers).