About conference


The ICM satellite Applied Mathematics and Fundamental Computer Science, organized by Omsk State Technical University and Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, will be held in Omsk on April 25-30, 2022. Click the image/title for more info or here for a pdf version of this announcement.



Omsk was founded by the decree of Emperor Peter the Great. Originally it was an outpost of the Empire in the East and South. For some time Omsk was the capital of Siberia and the Steppe region. Moreover, Omsk was the capital of Russia in 1918-1919. The city stands at the crossing of the Irtysh and Om rivers and it has the longest embankment beyond the Urals. Omsk is a large industrial center, and a lot of foreign students study in Omsk universities. By the total number of students Omsk takes second place beyond the Urals. Omsk Scientific Center of the Siberian Branch of the RAS unites a number of scientific institutes. The organizations within the Siberian branch include fundamental mathematics research and applied research in oil refining industry.
The main scientific areas of the conference are:
Mathematics, applied mathematics.
Mathematical and computer modeling.
Information and communication technologies and computing systems.
Leading world experts in the field of applied mathematics and information technologies are invited to participate with the plenary presentations. Young scientists will present their work in the form of sectional reports. The conference program includes two seminars:

  • The first seminar is dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Leonid Kantorovich;
  • The second seminar is to be provided by the IT companies – «Digital transformation: technologies of the present and the future».